No free
No free
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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom. The King of the kingdom wanted to make some improvements to society and gave notice to the common people who were under his rule. So, the King called out to all of the learned man in the country, and ordered them to correct all immortal sayings in the world. All of the scholars did their best to fulfill the King’s orders. After a few months, they achieved their goal by making books.However, it was not just one but a score of books. So the King commanded the contents to be condensed. The scholars did their best to accomplish the new order. A few months later, the score of books became just one book! But, the King was not pleased and said, "No! The book has too much quantity. Boil it down to just one sentence!" After a few months, the sentence was finally completed. The King was satisfied with the sentence.

What do you think it was? It was, "There's no free."

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