Emotional Marketing And Advertising:
Emotional Marketing And Advertising:
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why advertisers use more emotional appeals?

   IN A MOBILE SERVICE advertisement, you can see a young boy sitting on a chair with a microphone saying, "I'll teach you how to make beat box". Then he makes a beat box using his mouth. You hear only the sound of the human beat box, not the persuasive message of the advertiser. Last year, one presidential candidate sang a song with a guitar in his election campaign advertisement. You could also see a candidate listening to one actor's speech with tears in his eyes while John Lennon's song "Imagine" was playing in the background.
   We are living in an image selling age. Advertisers sell the "image" of a product or service, not the product or service itself. Yesterday's consumers enjoyed the function and convenience of a product or service, but today's consumers are enjoying the pleasure of the product or service. In recent times, there are few differences in various products or services, so consumers can't find any difference in the products or services that are being advertised. Slight differences in the products or services can't make consumers happy.

Consumers enjoy the color, music, aroma, atmosphere and culture of the product or service; especially, the young generation, also called Generation X, N-generation, or the P-generation. They are the generation of emotion and image. They love the image, sound, smell, and touch of a product.  Also, many advertisers main targets are young people so the strategies for persuading youngsters mainly focus on emotions.
n many advertisements, especially those targeted at young people, one can find, withno exceptions, splendid color, melodious music and people dancing; not the voice of persuading consumers. They enjoy stimulating their five sense organs. So, it is very natural for advertisers to focus their strategies of persuasion on emotion not the benefits of the products or services. Appealing to consumers with emotional persuasion will be in fashion in the world of advertising for the time being. Youngsters! Be sensitive, not reasonable when consuming various products or services. That is the advertiser's message.

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