What is your hobby?
What is your hobby?
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   My father, who has a green thumb, has a special hobby, growing orchids. He really loves growing his orchids so much so that his dream is to be an orchid specialist and run a botanical garden for orchids. And my uncle enjoys fishing in his free time and sometimes boasts about the big fish he caught. That is why I envy my father and my uncle. Whenever they talk about their hobbies with such enthusiasm they look really happy.
   When I was a child, I used to play the piano in my leisure hours. But now, I spend my spare time  surfing the Internet, watching television or sitting around at home without doing anything special. Maybe that must be why I didn't get good grades. Anyway, I need to have a new hobby and make a change. Fortunately, starting a few weeks ago I've been climbing a mountain with my mother on weekend, and now I`m into mountain climbing. I can feel refreshed as well as losing  weight, little by little. And finding a beautiful mountain is also fun. While I am going up a hill, I think about what  troubles I now have, and I talk it over with my mother. Besides, I can see fine mountain scenery. I look forward to every Saturday because I promised to go up a mountain with mother!
   If you don't have any hobbies, you? better find something to do in your spare time. I'm sure that it would be profitable, no matter what it is. Having a good hobby will not let you down.

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