Living & Studying Program
Living & Studying Program
  • Lee Sang-ho
  • 승인 2007.08.10 14:16
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THE EVENT "LIVING & Studying Program"(LSP), which gives motivation to students learning a foreign language at Yeungnam University (YU) started in March and ends in August.
   LSP is an expansion of the Korean Language Program, in which Chinese interchange students can learn about Korean language. LSP was introduced for the YU students to learn foreign languages through interchange students. Entries of LSP totaled 191 participants. 140 students were Chinese,  1 Japanese  and 50 Korean.  All of them have lived in twin rooms or four students in one room at the dormitory, Yang Jae Hyun E-dong.
   At first, The Center for International Programs thought the maximum entry would be 40~50 students.  But there were too many applicants who sent in a written application unexpectedly. The scale of this event became much more bigger than expected. As applicants had been increasing, there were difficulties such as building up the standard of being selected.Besides that, in order to help progress the event favorably, The Center for International Programs conferred with dormitory staff about dormitory control.  Of course there were additional difficulties.
   Lee Sae-Ron, a staff member of The Center for International Programs said, "Now, this program is the first, so there are going to be several problems. But we will solve these things as things progress with the LSP, and we are going to make more positive communications through events such as religious events and each country's cultural festival."
   Kim Hye-jin, a student in the school of Economics and Finance, who is participating in LSP said, " At first, I was very embarrassed with different cultures such as wearing their shoes even in a room. But, now we understood each other. These days, we can communicate with foreigners at night only for one hour because of conflicting class times, but I expect better programs."
   LSP has the great intention to learn through life experiences together rather than the traditional in class lecture. Although there are several controversial points, let's strive for longevity with the LSP program, keeping in mind that this program has just begun.

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