Free lectures on the internet for YU students
Free lectures on the internet for YU students
  • Lee Dong-hyun
  • 승인 2007.08.10 14:15
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   LAST MONTH, YEUNG-nam University Civil Service Training Center (CSTC) were opened free lectures on the internet for civil service examinations and state-run examinations for YU students. This proves YU swims with the current as the number of people who prepare these exams have increased. Now, civil service examinations are accessable at and state-run examinations are accessable at by

  Last January, CSTC announced their opening and began receiving applicants through YU and CSTC.'s homepage. Nevertheless for their first applicants CSTC was accepting about 140 students and the positions filled up quickly, so in March, if many students apply to this program, CSTC will accept more students than before. YU students can save money and use their time economically when they use this program. Perhaps it is because of this that there has been such a positive response from students. The first set of applicants have come from various departments at YU. For example, the College of Commerce & Economics, Education, Liberal Arts, even the College of Music students have requested these lectures. CSTC's response to the College of Education students has been especially good, and about 20 seats have been reserved for these students. Students who are involved in this program will be monitored by their log-in automatically. Therefore, students who don't faithfully commit to the program will be changed with another applicant, making it quite a competitive program.    
   Free lectures on the internet is expected to create good results. First of all, through this program, students can reduce their tuition money because if they were to take a course at an institute, they would pay much more money. 
   Secondly, it will lead students to achieve their goals quickly. If the results are noticeably, the quality of YU will rise.
Students' voluntary participation and effort can prove these.
   This program is a good opportunity for students. If they make the best use this program, it will help them certainly.

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