How I can create my mind own state of mind?
How I can create my mind own state of mind?
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First: Fragrance    Second: Music    Third: Taste

When you can't fall asleep

Put garlic juice or cut open a piece of onion and place it on your bedside.
Use rose and lavender when you shower or use it just to enjoy their fragrance.

When you want to wake up
Smell citrus or the oils of peppermint and jasmine

When you want to concentrate on something
Smell the scent of pine tree or aged pine tree
Peppermint makes you feel happy and is good for arthralgia and myalgia 
because it increases blood circulation, and helps control digestive problems.

When you want to feel refreshed
Lemongrass, Lime

When you don't have an appetite

Sour fragrances are excellent because they promote the secretion of saliva
Cinnamon, peach, clove buds, apricot scent

Now, do you want to fall in love with someone?
Then, try smelling some Pheromones!!!

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