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Each correct answer to the puzzle can be found in this magazine Good Luck to You!
Please send your answers to the 268th puzzle to the YNO office by March 20, 2004.

Look For the Word
1.Also, it would be helpful to organize an association among the local bookshops.
2Finally KYOBO which meet all requirements was made bid.
3.Lets get to know more about their very special sound by traveling through her interview.
4.Many women don't want study engineering because they are women and feel it will be too difficult.
5.Most SOS mothers ages range from twenty to their early thirties and are unmarried so me are spinsterhood woman and they have a preparatory period as an aunt for two to three years.
6.In conclusion SOS Village's mothers symbolize social women power. They are 'The Absolute Women Power'.
7.Well-being is a life style that gives composure to the people of our modern, industrialized society.
8.Walking has proven to be beneficial to diabetics and for reducing the dangers of heart disease.
9.These magical events have no specific origin, and because these events were discovered a long time after their creation, little is known about them today
10.Because people generally don't understand mysterious phenomenon, they want to know the truth surrounding strange events.

Answers to the last puzzle

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