Tradition vs New Wave
Tradition vs New Wave
  • Yang Dong-hyun
  • 승인 2007.08.07 14:29
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KYOBO was opened at YU on Feb.1st
  "HAVING A LARGE company like KYOBO opening at Yeungnam University(YU) will have a bad effect on not only other bookshops, but also on the whole local economy", said Choo Mo-jung ,head of among sales department in Yeungdae bookstore. "If the other bookshops die out due to the opening of KYOBO, is that good for students?" said Lee O-suk, graduate of sociology in YU. Despite these concerned voices, the opening was carried out on Feb 1 at YU a month ago.
   Having a bookshop on campus provides more benefits for the students, the Central Administrate Building side presented terms: having more than 4 subsidiaries and earning more 10 billion. Finally KYOBO which meet all requirements was made bid. And KYOBO is satisfied. Because they think it will be good for their marketing image.
    But there are negative opinions about the new store among self-governing bodies and students The opinions are based on the notion that a KYOBO store will break up local economy According to YeungDae ShinMun, Nov. 10th, 2003 Sep 2000, "3 years after KYOBO spread to Daegu, hundreds of local bookshops closed, and in addition, a whole sales business also had difficulties in management." They also added that the opening of KYOBO in YU is opposed to the development of the local economy.  
  What are KYOBO's strategies to appeal to our students? First, KYOBO provides a membership card and they are intending to open cultural lectures in association with YU. They are also going to cover the whole floor with carpet to sit on, and read books. Also, because they holdi several on-line markets, they can bring in any book within 24 hours. "According to these practical plans, we will capture students' s mind," said Kil Sung-gyu, the manager of a branch office of KYOBO.
    Despite these new plans of KYOBO's, other bookshops are not devising changes.
"Our bookshop has a tradition of 16 years, and have coexisted with YU during all that time. So, we have spirit."said Cha Seon-hee, a representative of the partner in Nam-Do book shop.  However, in this day all things, even information will be produced on a commercial scale. It is necessary to have strategies to attract many customers
   To against KYOBO, Other bookshops need to develop a reserve fund system, and should find schemes to upgrade circulating speed at low cost. Also, it would be helpful to organize an association among the local bookshops.
    "First of all, I hope that bookshops have many items for YU students and I hope that they have many good books," said Kim Kun woo, the Department of Korean Language and Literature at YU.
    As we are in an age of appearances, KYOBO was wise in publishing a slogan titled, `A KYOBO's beautiful story will have been made with customer.' Others bookshops need managerial reforms.

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