A New Year's Address
A New Year's Address
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   MY FELLOW STUDENTS, WE HAVE A new year! 2003 has slipped into history and the door to 2004 has opened. The light streams through, and there before us lies new opportunities, full of hope and promise for further progress at Yeungnam University! 2004 calls us to rally together once more in the rebuilding of our university.   
   As you know, Yeungnam University obtained good results last year in spite of the unfavorable circumstances. Many big projects for the internationalization of the university, especially 'The 2003 Universiade Conference' co-hosted by Yeungnam University and FISU, have attained their goals successfully. But these results alone cannot ensure the university's prosperity in the future, even though they demonstrate Y.U.'s potential ability and superiority.
    In the New Year, Yeungnam University may be faced with more challenges than ever before. Courageous and wise attitudes will be of crucial importance for its further development. The university is heading for the biggest enlargement ever and is deepening  its history. Only when we work together with our whole heart can Yeungnam University grow to be a safer, more prosperous, and better educational institution. I strongly believe that the university's  future depends on our ability to be of one mind with mutual respect, understanding, and support. The seemingly unsolvable can then become an opportunity to be seized. Opportunity opens the way to success.    
    I would like to conclude my New Year’s address by sincerely praying for your continual good health and increased happiness. "May 2004 be a fruitful year for all Yeungnamians!"

Opportunity opens the way to success

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