Koryo People Are Korean
Koryo People Are Korean
  • Bae Hye-jin
  • 승인 2007.08.03 11:12
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Have you ever heard of 'Koryo people'? Russians have called these people 'Koryo people'. This word is meant to create contempt. They have lived in an independent federation of nations, for example, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Uzbekistan.

   Since 1863, thirteen generations of Korean have immigrated into Russia and stayed there. In 1865, 60 generations of Koreans had immigrated, a year later 100 generations and 4,500 people in 1869. For a long time, Koreans were going to immigrate. They didnt stayed for long because Stalin turned them away from Russia. On September ninth, 1937 they were forced to immigrate to Central Asia.

   I feel that these Koreans known as Koryo people are poor and have a hard life. I would like to help them in their arduous lives. I volunteered in a program, which sends Yeungnam University students to other nations. We have a title 'Korean race' and hope to expose Koryo people to traditional Korean culture. If they have lost their hope, we would like to give them support by showing them the pride of Koreans.

   I was surprised to find out that the poor are not Koryo people. A Russian student said, "They are almost all rich people. I can't find a beggar who is a Koryo person." Most of them are businessmen or they work in a bank.

   In Russia, they are a minority race but they have adapted themselves to new circumstances. I realize now that they have overcome their difficult circumstances. Also, I know that our race is not superior to them.

   We figured that Koryo people would live together in the same area but they live separately. To give them a taste of Korean culture we showed them some performances. We had to gather Koryo people near in Novosibirsk. We performed Tae-kwon-do (our national martial art), played traditional instrumental music called Sam-il Nori and prepared rice cake soup to give to them.

   We also turned on computers and sang for the Koryo people. They sang Korean songs, for example, 'Spring of Home Town' and 'Thought of a Girls Elder Brother' and they spent time talking to Koreans.

   We live in Korea and they live in Russia. Even if they and we are not in the same place, they miss Korea and remember our country. They are really Korean deep inside no matter where they live.

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