Some Problem With our School Bus
Some Problem With our School Bus
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   Yeungnam University has many school buses and many students often use them. But I think that there are some problems with the buses. When l had a morning class during the first term, I often got up  late. Then I was pressed for time. I would go to the bus stop,  get on a bus which headed on to Yeungnam University. Then I get off the bus at Shi-ji bus stop, again I get on a Yeungnam University school bus. The reason why I did this is to save time. I saw many students do the same.
   I don't understand why there are so many school buses in Shi-ji. I think it's the wrong location for school bus. I hope the school bus stop is changed to an urban area. School buses should pick up  students at regular intervals. It is a more effective methods.
   Also, school bus depart at short intervals from the Shi-ji bus stop. It is unfair and not effective. I think that the scheduled times should be increased.  
   I hope not only school bus stops but also other things regarding  school buses reflect students' thoughts.

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