Aircraft Noise
Aircraft Noise
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   Ever since I entered YeungNam University, I often hear the noisy sound of aircraft flying overhead. When I heard it the first time, I didn't know what it was because I couldn't believe that airplanes would fly over our university. However, it happened many times. During class time, professors always have to stop lecturing because of the noise. To stop in the middle of lecturing bothers both students and professors.
   Naturally, it is hard for students, including me, to concentrate on studying. The loud noise occurs at least 2 or 3 times during one of my lectures. Honestly speaking, I couldn't stand it any more. Students pay a lot of money to acquire knowledge and to use the facilities at Yeung Nam University. Therefore, I think students deserve to havehigh quality lectures. Disspite the disruptions of the aircraft noise, I haven't heard the reason why this happens.
   In my opinion, university officials should explain  this serious problem. In addition , they also must try to solve the problem because student have the right to attend classes under good conditions. We came to Yeung Nam University in order to receive a high qualityeducation, not to have our learning interrupted by loud noises.

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