The Evolution of Yeungnam
The Evolution of Yeungnam
  • Yang Dong-hyun
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The Global Park
 The bench which is surrounded by Zelkova trees will be the best place to have a rest in this area. The Global Park architecture is designed to represent the world, so it will express the hope for YU students to jump into their big, wide world. It will be located at the end of the promenade. The Gate will express harmony, the Watch Tower will express the future, and the Global Park will represent the world. Thus, the culture belt will be complete.
The Grass Stage
Though it will be comparatively small, the Grass Stage will be made by creating a little slope of the existing grass area. Up to now, the grass in that area has not been very beautiful, but it will be reborn. We will be able to use this Grass Stage for small performances. It will be located half way down the promenade.
The Pond
The pond will be called `the Second Mirror Pond' and will be square. The Chunma Gate, the Water Stage and the Fog Fountain will be built in conjunction with it. The Water Stage will be made by establishing a wooden platform that will float at the one end of the Pond. The Fog Fountain will be a part of the Pond. In This way, audience can enjoy watching a performance in these beautiful surroundings. In addition, the image of the bridge across the Pond will be very beautiful when viewed from the Gate.
The Chunma Gate
   The Chunma Gate will go across the newly-made pond. It will surpass the original function of a gate, which is basically to form a boundary around a form of architectural structure or structures. The whole design was inspired by `Gossaum', which is a Korean traditional play. It will symbolize the harmony among all YU students. In addition, the inside of the gate will hold a small exhibition room, a gallery, and a warehouse. Therefore, it will offer a place for exhibiting works of art, as well as performances on the Water Stage.  At the front of the Gate, a small "square" will be made which will limit cars and street vendors. In this way, students will be able to pass by easily.

   At Yeungnam University (YU), the planning and legal preparations for this project of improving the school's environment has been on-going since June 23, 2004. This project has been advanced to solve several problems and to better the campus: to resolve the boundary uncertainties and to create a sense of security when students are coming to school or leaving school. Additionally, the plans call for an improvement in the university's image, which involves both the intrinsic values and the extrinsic values of the university, as well as to develop the university as a cultural center with performances, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and so on.
   This project, which was planned around the concepts," Harmony, the World, and the Future," has met with opposition from several groups of students ever since it's only a conception. Chonghak, in particular, criticizes these plans because the school hasn't considered students opinion. To address this matter, a committee was formed and organized an open hearing. Chonghak took part in this committee and insisted that to conduct such a huge construction project at this time is not a good idea for YU. However, the administration was not swayed by Chonghak's opinion. This aroused a negative public opinion about this project because a series of rumors began concerning about student tuition. There were also some people who criticized that Sotdae yard is being used effectively, the way it was initially intended.
   The university administration has stated that because there is no way that boundaries are clearly marked, it doesn't create a good first impression when entering the campus.  This has been regarded as a serious problem because it is believed that this has lowered YU's competitive power. About the passing problem, at present, the area from the toll-gate towards the direction of Chunma Ro is closed and there is no crosswalk which can provide some safety for students'. Students from the dormitory are greatly inconvenienced. YU recognized the need of the construction of an appropriate pathway for students.
   The Yeungnam Observer conducted an opinion poll of 200 YU students on Aug 5, 2004. The poll consisted of 3 parts to help determine what the students think are the most important reasons for creating the Gate: 1)  the university's image, both intrinsically and extrinsically, 2) to make a clear boundary between school property and the public street, and 3)to develop the university's culture. The aim of this public poll was to find out if students think that this structure (the Gate) will have an effect on the 3 categories which are listed above.

Extrinsic image
   The result of the construction will provide Chunma ro with many trees and beautiful areas for resting and performing. As to the question regarding the effect of the construction on YU's exterior image, the students who answered affirmatively was 42.5%, students who answer neutrality was 16%, and students who answered negatively was 41.5%. These results show that many students have a negative opinion about the university's new look after  construction.

Intrinsic image
   Results show that 19% of all students answered affirmatively about the construction's effect on improving of university,40% of all students were neutral, and 41% of students had a negative opinion about the gate's ability to increase the school's standards. These results show that the extrinsic image of the campus is linked to the level of the student's ability. The reason why people answered negatively was because the existing students' ability is low:43%, the low level of the campus image and P.R :24.5% and a handicap which arose because of other university's higher reputation: 22.5%,and distrust about school policies: 10%. According to these results we can see that many students expect the new Gate to improve the competitive power of YU. On the other hand, the students felt uneasy about several things which were, and still are, obstacles to the achievement of the original aims, especially, because of the fact that most of the students who hold a negative position choose as the reason for their opinion the students' low academic levels. We also know from these results that plans to raise the students' academic levels should be considered a priority. There have also been a series of problems that have led to many students expressing their distrust about our school's policies.

To make cert

How Much does a university's image effect on your choice of university?
ain when students are on school or off school property
   Regarding the question of the effects of making a certain division between on and off school property, after construction, 34% of students answered affirmatively, 51% of students were neutral, and 15% of students answer negatively. So, the fact presented show what effects students expected in this issue. Notably, the percent of students who would use the grass for a pathway as a short cut was 57. This shows that another pathway is needed to improve the campus image and to be able to denote when a student is on or off property. The above problem was mentioned as a result of many dormitory students having problems passing through campus, and for all students passing through the edge of campus security is an issue. As a result, YU presented a plan to install more paths on the grass. In the plan, constructing a square for students to use to establish a greater safety factor by limiting vehicles' entry and merchants' activities in this section.

Improvement of Campus Culture
   It is important to think about the effects of the Sotdae area to predict success or failure of the campus construction, and to estimate the impact on campus culture. 

The structure is being on-going
When thinking about the Sotdae area, only 21.5% of all students regard it as an effective place, 50% of students regard it as not effective, and 28.5% of all students are neutral. As to the question of the students' expectation about the school's cultural development as a result of the construction, the  percentage of students who highly expect  good cultural developments was 21.5, and those students having expectations of medium results was 34.5%, and a low expectation of results was held by 42% of the students polled. We know that the expectations for cultural development is not very high. In opposition to these findings, school officials claim the Sotdae area was not considered in the construction plan yet. Therefore, an important subject is the consideration for improving Sotdae yard's use value and making it blend in harmony with it's proposed new surroundings. YU said they will construct the Global Park as well as the Water Stage and  Grass Stage and along the Chunma Ro in order to strengthen the culture of our campus. 
   On Aug 6, 2004, The Yeungnam Observer did an opinion poll with 100 third year high school students at KyungBuk High School regarding the potential effects of the proposed construction. The results show that 65% of the 100 students think our campus' image is already beautiful. As to  the question about how the exterior image will affect their choice of university, about 44% of all students said that outer appearance greatly affects their decision, 29% of all students were neutral, and 27% of all students said it will not affect their decision.
The results show that many prospective students are attracted to beautiful campuses and this effects their choice of a university. Regarding the issue of the school without a gate, 61% of the students were open-minded. but 42% of the high school students think a gate is needed for safety. So, we know that many students feel a substantial need for a gate and 68 % of students think this construction will be good for public relations and will improve YU's image. These results show that it is not as bad as our school students think, and the construction will enhance the desire for prospective students to choose our school.
   The expectations are garding the effects of the construction are high, but the school should not overlook the fact that there are many negative opinions about this construction as well. There is a strong feeling of doubt that the construction will upgrade the university's prestige level. But the positive effects are there: getting a new pathway, and improving the campus's image, cultural development and so on. Hong Ik University is a good example where the construction of a new exterior of a university improved its competitive power. Hong Ik University's construction of a new  exterior and improving the location created a synergy effect. This fact also showed that with that construction, the campus' P.R became more important. Many things need to be done to our university become the center of our university's culture. For example, the school should try to increase the campus image through P.R, it should consider plans to substantially improve the students' academic levels, but the most important thing is to focus on the construction. Because the construction has already started here at YU. So, we must watch and see the school's work because that is our duty as Yeungnam students.

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