Would you love me;the CAFETERIA in Physical Sciences Building?
Would you love me;the CAFETERIA in Physical Sciences Building?
  • Pak Hyeon-ju
  • 승인 2007.08.02 14:31
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Various menu. Sell MEAL TICKET WITH SALE MACHINE & MAN SALE. Clean water machine WAS set up.Education IN smiling & BEing COURTEOUS.

   In 1997 Price Club opened in Daegu. Following their opening, small markets began to die as people turned their attention to this new supermarket. Since then, several supermarkets have appeared in Daegu. The range of household economies has changed because people now buy many things at one time. In this way, one thing changes the other.
    At Yeungnam University (YU), CJ, a major company, came to the Physical Sciences Cafeteria (PSC). It is the first time a big cafeteria has entered YU. We expect other cafeterias will begin to change in order to satisfy the students' needs. Officers of YU visited other universities' cafeterias in order to assess their situation because PSC terminated their contract. Large cafeteria companies do business at universities in Seoul, Yonsei, Hanyang, Korea and etc.. The quality and taste of the food is good. The YU policy gave up financial gain from PSC in order to promote the student's and faculties' health and happiness by eating good food in a great environment. So, YU didn't demand rent. Instead of receiving rent, they demanded that the restaurants provide a nice and clean environment. The thinking of large enterprises is different from the concerns of private companies. Their selling plan is to advertise to students their company's image rather than their profits because then students will be their customers. 
Former feature at PSC
  Six companies took part in a YU open bid. Among them 3 enterprises- CJ Food System, Shinsegae Food System, and LG Our Home participated in the presentation. Two student representatives, nine professors and officer delegates participated. The companies were judged on their menu, service, employee control, security, distinction compared with other companies, investment plan, etc. Three companies had similar concepts and even though they were basically the same, it is better than before to the students.
   The 1st grade was given to CJ Food System, the 2nd to LG Our Home and the 3rd to Shinsegae Food System. The reason why CJ's bid was successful was that CJ received a higher grade for the interior decoration part of their presentation and their profit was only one percent of all net profits. They acceded to the students' demands and made a way for students to express their opinions regarding the quality, taste of the food, etc.. They also were accommodating to the requests of YU; to try to provide care and comfortable environment. Students demand that CJ also develops the quality, taste of food, etc. So CJ Food System was the winner.
    A coffee shop was made at PSC so that students can buy coffees to go, like at Starbucks. On the Internet there will be a site where students can express their opinions about the cafeteria & food. CJ said they will survey the students' preference and satisfaction once a semester. Despite these efforts by CJ, students were worried about the quality of food. They worried about the possibility of trash Mandoo, and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). The results of the survey showed that  nine percent couldn't trust that CJ is practicing good hygiene. According to CJ, their factories were recognized by HACCP for the first time in Korea. They regard sanitation as very important. Also, they have a sanitation manual and a dietician who examines their menu once a month. CJ certifies that their sanitation security maintains appropriate hygiene standards. Hygiene security is part of their periodic inspections every 2 months.  
   Two weeks have passed, since CJ has managed PSC. Because of the building construction, it is clean. So, students can eat in a clean environment. But many things are not perfect. As students become more familiar with PSC because of the brand of CJ, they are a little disappointed. CJ should make better PSC accommodating a piece of students' advice and opinion. We expect students can eat and taste food in a good environment with a smile as CJ, a large company, gets more of a lead on other cafeterias-in Liberal Arts and Students' Building.

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