Raise the Cultural Standard
Raise the Cultural Standard
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   Nowadays, many people make use of multiplex theaters to watch movies or to meet friends. That is also the case with me. In this way, multiplex theaters perform important cultural functions. However sometimes, I feel it is inconvenient to use this facility. There are some good reasons for that.
   First of all, the Box Office attendants are so impolite. When the customer requests some information, they give a blunt and rude answer. Secondly, since the space between the seats is narrow, so we have to sit close to strangers till the end of the cinema.
   There is a lot of room for improvement in these facilities. The most important matter is the cultural attitude of the people who utilize the multiplex theaters.
  As the Korean motion movie industry is growing rapidly, a lot of people rush into our theaters. However, some people don't have the right attitude and behavior to enjoy  good films. They not only go on blabbing, but also throw away their trashe. They annoy the  people around them.
    Of course, multiplex theaters have to make their facilities better. Yet the matter of greatest importance is the raising our cultural standards.

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