English as a Real Language
English as a Real Language
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   When I arrived at my destination, a Chinese man helped me with my luggage to the ticket gate. I should have expressed my thanks to him but I said nothing.
   Everyone might have had this kind of experience at one time or an other. Why do we go totally dumb when we meet a foreigner, in spite of 6 years studying English through public education?
   I think that there is little understanding of English in the Korean education system. Almost every Korean treats English as a means to get good marks in examinations. So students take a serious view of reading and memorizing English, much more so than of speaking. Of course, reading is very important. But it is not the ability to read a language that can help your talk. Language is a means to come to a mutual understanding for us. Studying English in pursuit of a good grade can not fulfill this purpose. They, who study English to better their future must remind themselves of this point. 
   In conclusion, I think we should study English from the bottom of our heart. English isn't just a learning exercise, but a real living language.

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