[Chunma Feature] Classical Korean Poem in Chinese
[Chunma Feature] Classical Korean Poem in Chinese
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Cho Seok-jin(1853-1920). The painting on the left is titled, “Noksudo”(The Green Forest), a private collection.


白雲溪畔 仁祠

For the Master of Geumcheonsa    
Choe Chi­won (857­?)

Erecting a temple by the stream veiled in white clouds,
The master has lived here for thirty years.
He points a fork of a road outside the gate, smiling:
"Once out of the mount, there are a thousand forks."
        Trans by Jeo­Yong Noh

- A Note on the Poet

Choe Chi-won, a scholar-poet of the late Silla Kingdom, went to China at the age of twelve, and became a civil servant after passing the T'ang civil service examination. He returned to his homeland to serve at the court, but disillusioned with the corruption of the courtly society. He spent his last years with his family at a hermitage on Mount Kaya.

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