At the Buckwheat Field
At the Buckwheat Field
  • Pak Hyeon-ju
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The spinning wheel is an important place in the novel
  Though the moon waned right after the fifteenth of the lunar month, she was  still shedding an exuberant tender light. . .  . As buckwheat was planted all over the waist of a mountain, its fresh flowers were breathtaking as if sprinkled salt under the bountiful moonlight.
   As all of you know, the description above is taken from one of Koreas most famous short stories called When the Buckwheat Blossoms. The Yeungnam Observer(YNO) visited Bongpyong myeon Pyeongchang gun, Kangwon Province, the place that is famous for the scene of when the Buckwheat Blossoms, in order to give the students an impression of this historical site. Why don't you lose yourself in this beautiful scene, where the buckwheat blooms before the end of Summer?
   The day the YNO visited was that of Hyoseok Cultural Festival. It rained, but this did not deter the many visitors. Firstly YNO went to Bongpyong Inn and Chungju House, the setting for the start of the famous story of the writer Lee Hyoseok. In this place, the main character, Huh Seungwon met Dongi. Although Huh Seungwon couldn't earn much money here, he returned because of the good memories he had of the place. The theme of the story is a strong belief in your own destiny.
Mr Huh? the other self
The old inn looked so much like it did in my mind after reading the story that I was transported back into the past. Along the street, I came to the bridge. When Huh Seungwon was crossing the bridge, he was so full of surprise at having met his son that he missed his step and ended up falling off the bridge into the water. Dongi then carried him out of the water on his back. Like the Culture Village, the bridge was established so that the visitors could experience the same crossing as Huh Seungwon. Although because of the rain, this time the stream was just a little bit deeper.
   YNO went to a mill with a spinning wheel, which goes round and round, the same way as our lives. In the story, Mr Huh met Mr Sung's daughter here. It was not until 30 years later that he was united with his son. This place was always in the memory of Mr Huh because it was here that he made love with Mr Sung's daughter and the from here story unfolds. It is the reason that Mr Huh will never forget Bongpyong Inn. Nowadays in Bongpyong, indside the mill there is miniature model of the whole town, and the story is displayed on a wooden plaque.
   A broad view of the buckwheat field spread in front of my eyes. Despite the heavy rain, the flowers were in full bloom. They swayed as if they were dancing. It seemed like a pure white sea. If I walked through the buckwheat field at night like Mr Huh, I might be absorbed in my memories. I understood why the writer represented buckwheat as salt. While passing the field in the story the characters chatted. It was not only a place for great change for all of them, but also a place where Mr Huh recalled his past. The buckwheat field enriches the subject of the work, giving it an unforgettable romantic feeling.
This is the first Culture Village appointed by the Ministry of Culture. It is very beautiful and romantic. Did you lose yourself in the story When the Buckwheat Blossoms? In spite of a life of wandering, the story shows us that our lives are not so harsh and not so lonely. Like the spinning wheel, or the street, or the moon, all of us have our own different ways of expression. So why don't you visit the scene of the buckwheat in full bloom?

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