A Reduction of U.S. Forces in Korea
A Reduction of U.S. Forces in Korea
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Lee Joon-ik, Junior
School of Management
   Someday, the U.S. forces in Korea will have to withdraw from South Korea. It's just a matter of time. But I think it's too early now, because Korea's independent national defense capabilities are not sufficient yet.
   If the U.S. forces withdraw it would deal a extremely fatal blow to our economy. Now, our stock market has considerable foreign capital. In this situation, withdrawal of the U.S. forces would spur an exodus of foreign capital from Korea. Large enterprises will experience crises, and small and medium-sized enterprises will continually go bankrupt.  After all, our economy will be injured and our jobs will disappear. The military service period for Koreans may be extended to make up for U.S. forces's vacancy.  Forcing the young men who have to work to stay longer in the military will clearly have a bad effect on our economy. In addition, the Korean peninsula is still under a cease-fire. Over five decades, the maintenance of a truce between South and North Korea must have been influenced by U.S. forces. If America were to reduce its forces here, it would have a bad effect on the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.
   Finally, I think those Koreans who want the U.S forces to stay in Korea are no less numerous than those agreeing with a reduction of U.S. forces. Subsequently, the reduction of U.S. forces in Korea must be a problem which will be dealt with carefully and by degrees.

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