Are the School Shuttle Buses on Campus Necessities?
Are the School Shuttle Buses on Campus Necessities?
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    One year already has passed since I entered Yeungnam University. People common that campuswide said, Yeungnam Univ is large. I agree with the saying. And I heard the news, he shuttle bus start in the school from 30th Aug. For the university to keep providing this service 20 student must take each bus. But I don't know about the necessity of these buses.
     I'm a student of liberal arts, so my college isn't far from the bus stop, about 10 minutes... When I was a freshman I hoped the buses would go around the campus. But my opinion has changed, after the buses went into operator. I wanted to take it once, But I missed the bus and the buses were so late. I was faster than the bus. After I arrived where I was goiong, the bus arrived. So I was disappointed.
     I've never taken those buses yet. When I saw the bus, it was nearly empty. Few students know about the bus routes, and take them. I saw many people walking  rather than taking it. I think that shows, that the buses aren't necessity. This is the first reason I don't like the campuswide bus service.
    Second, as you know, oil prices have increased. Now, oil price is very high. Besides the fact that our country doesn't produce it, only imports for high costs. These costs are too expensive for a lot of people's convenience. I'd rather save the oil than make an expensive payment. And saving on the oil is good for the future and economics.
    I know the concern of the school proprietors and thanks them for the buses, But I wish they gave back in more useful ways to all students. However this is just my opinion.

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