A New Sport, Combat of A Different Kind
A New Sport, Combat of A Different Kind
  • Lee Dong-hyun
  • 승인 2007.08.02 11:12
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Last August 28, the Exco in Daegu held a combat of a different kind competition
   If TaeKwonDo players and Judo players actually fight in the ring, who will be the winner? If Bruce Lee who is famous for creating Jeet-Kune-Do and was a movie star got in the ring with Mike Tyson, who is a famous boxing champion of the world, who would win? It is very interesting just to think about, isn't it? For a long time the world has imagined fighters that battled against each other using different martial arts.
   As a solution to answer these questions the world has created new athletes. This is known as combat of a different kind. It is two people who have distinguished abilities in martial arts grappling for victory in the ring. In the 1990s, combat of a different kind started receiving tremendous popularity especially in America and Japan. Some of this popularity has come out in K-1, and the Pride F.C in Japan, along with the U.F.C in America. Even though these events have some different rules, they all enjoy many fans.
   However at first, combat of a different kind was out of the limelight in Korea. Because many Korean people had thought negatively about these competitions. They thought combat of a different kind tended to glamorize acts of violence. They said, "If people are in too much contact with combat of a different kind through media, they can become desensitized about violence", "A society which consists of these kind of people can't become an ideal society." plus some people's anxiety that combat of a different kind could possibly injure young people's mental health. "Young people usually don't have good judgment over adults. So, if they accept unconditionally the violence that they see from combat of a different kind, they might become violent people in the future. Who knows, general middle and high schools will change into battlefield?"
   But in the teeth of worry nowadays combat of a different kind is establishing in Korea as a culture. Many people who like combat of a different kind form clubs on-line and off-line. They furnish data about combat of a different kind to each other and hold meetings. Many matches of combat of a different kind have opened in many parts of the country. Especially, a multi-purpose restaurant named 'Gimme Five' in Seoul have held matches of combat of a different kind three days out of every week. This year Kyongbuk College of Science opened a combat of a different kind course and accepted into the program about twenty students. "We will accept about 80 students next year", "Combat of a different kind is not cruel any more. It is just sport that has rules and fair play." said Hong Young-kyu, professor teaching combat of a different kind at Kyongbuk College of Science.
   So then, what is sports? Sports involve physical contact that has competitions, excitement and rules for getting victory. Combat of a different kind is not different from any other sports. Players fight in the ring, compete in competition and follow rules in order to obtain victory. They entertain the audience. Of course, combat of a different kind is a dangerous sport. But every sport has the element of danger. To prevent these dangers, rules must exist. Above all, player's safety comes first. For example, in soccer, the most popular sport, many countries would argue, have many rules for player's security. There is the box or zone meant for the goalkeeper for safety, the rule prohibits players from raising their leg up high in a match and extreme tackling is forbidden and so on. Like soccer, combat of a different kind also has rules. Dealing a fatal blow that is thrust to an opponent's eyes, hitting a vulnerable spot, and attacking with the head or an elbow is prohibited. Combat of a different kind does not differ much from the rules of soccer.
   Combat of a different kind is just one of the sports that has become commercialized in a social, capitalistic society. That is not different from other sports at all. In 1970s in Korea, boxing was very popular due to Hong Soo-hwan. But first, it wasn't popular because boxing was too cruel. However nowadays, boxing is positioned as a sport for health without discrimination of age or sex. Before long, combat of a different kind also will become like boxing. If you enjoy combat of a different kind that a new culture in sports has come about, you will feel a new and different pleasure.

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