What is Team-teaching?
What is Team-teaching?
  • Lee Sang-ho
  • 승인 2007.08.01 15:25
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    "I think it is a subject that has to be removed. Primarily, because it has to be made by professors who have willingly volunteer to fit with the subject's theme. However, it is created so routinely by mixing professors who don't know each other well that it shows nothing but its own weak points."(According to Yoon Byoung-tae) Do you know what "IT" is? It is "Team-teaching" a system being utilized at Yeungnam University(YU).
    Originally, the basic definition of Team-teaching is using behavioral educational technology in order to give students more efficiency by utilizing two or more than two professors to develop tests and evaluate them together.
    However, the method of using Team-teaching at our school is different from the basic definition. Almost all Team-teaching classes at YU are created routinely by departments and schools. In most cases the professors chosen to teach are not volunteers for these Team-teaching classes.
    There are many Team-teaching classes such as Introduction to Information Society, The History and Culture of Yeungnam Area, Forest and Water Resources and Literature and Women etc.. These lectures have some common codes; Ordinarily, in these type of classes they have at least 2 or more professors. There are two methods for teaching students. But the methods are not clear. Each professor is responsible for his or her school hours a week. One professor starts the semester or an 8 weeks period up to the Mid-term exam, then the other professor takes over and teaches the second half of the semester, which is also 8 weeks. If a report is needed, the professors' evaluations would be combined.
    There are some discontentments for the Team-teaching. First, there's no clear system about Team-teaching in school so each Team-teaching class has too much disorganization. There are even opinions that Team-teaching at our school is too irresponsible a system for choosing the subjects that are useful to the students and no discussions are held with professors to prepare relevant Team-teaching classes. In the case of some subjects, the YU web site lacks any information so students end up confused. There are some Team-teaching classes that don't need to be Team-teaching classes. Yoon Byung-tae, a professor of The History and Culture of Yeungnam Area, said "Even though history and culture are the concepts of the class they are hard to explain after dividing the two subjects up between two Team-teaching teachers. I think it needs to be corrected." These Team-teaching classes can make professors and students feel that these classes are much more difficult than ordinary classes.
    However, there are also good points about the Team-teaching classes. Many classes should be Team-teaching classes in our school. Classes can have much more efficiency by teaching students with the Team-teaching method than common classes. In the case of Drug and Health class, each chapter of the subject has many professional points so its possible that twelve professors could teach students by utilizing the Team-teaching method. By testing specific subjects with Team-teaching, we can judge what system will be most efficient for a particular subject. For example, Historical view of Physical Education class has made one class a Team-teaching and the others ordinary classes. This system gives the classes flexibility, so it is a more suitable system.
   What do you think will be a good scenario for Team-teaching in the near future? The following scenarios could be good examples.
1. Making a survey for students and professors about what subjects will be used for Team-teaching.
2. Choosing the subject through voluntary conferences of professors and students.
3. Selecting the professors who are most suitable for the subjects.
4. Be in accordance to the specific points of the subjects, as well as determine professor's attitude and teaching style.
5. When the grades are shown, students should be able view all evaluations including  evaluations of each professor so students have a clear understanding.
6. Testing some specific classes chosen for Team-teaching. What system will be good, ordinary classes or Team-teaching? After a semester is finished students and professors should complete a survey before the new school term begins.
   After all, the problem with the system is that opinions and reactions about Team-teaching are infinitely various. To develop the Team-teaching method at YU and to make it effective, the school will need to make clear the procedures for the Team-teaching system.

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