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Reporter's Thought
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1645  Because of just one vote, the British Empire vested sovereignty in Oliver Cromwell to rule over England.
1649  Because of just one vote, Charles 1(King of England) was beheaded.
1839 Because of just one vote, Edward Everett didn't have the opportunity to be the governor of Massachusetts state.
1868 Because of just one vote, the Ex-President of the U.S.A., Andrew Johnson, evaded impeachment.
1875 Because of just one vote, France changed from a royal regime to a republic.
1923 Because of just one vote, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came into power, which changed the history of the world.
2000 If a butterfly-shaped ballot in Florida had been admitted, the head of the White House would have been Gore, not Bush, and the Iraq war might not have broken out.
Individuals may seem insignificant, but a person's choice can change history.
One person is within every other person, but a person is not just anybody, a person is somebody.
You're the centre of the world's change.

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