E-learning Program
E-learning Program
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Park Jung-heum, Junior
Dept. of Cultural Anthropology
  E-learning is emphasized as a new educational program in local universities ahead of the ubiquitous era. With the beginning of the 21st century, Yeungnam University (YU) has become a leader of information society by opening e-learning center for the Daegu and Gyeongbuk area since 1998. YU is the first university that started e-learning among other local universities. YU opened a total of 84 internet lectures during the last term. I myself selected the internet lecture via e-learning. In case of self-developed internet lecture, the number of internet lectures tends to increase from 14 lectures (1,495 enrolled students) in 2001 to 58 lectures this term (14,471 enrolled students).
  An internet lecture has become popular because students can attend easily anywhere and anytime. It differs from an ordinary classroom lecture which is given at the fixed time and place. In an internet lecture, we can repeatedly listen to lectures again and again.
  An internet lecture will grow more popular because a student can easily get in touch with the lecturer who is responsible for the course. In an internet lecture, a lecturer does not need to call the roll. However, most students seem not well aware of how the system works in detail since our university doesn't pay much attention to the uninitiated students.
  Of course, there are some drawbacks. Students who take an internet course can't prove their attendance even though they took the course. In addition, when we have a test on internet, sometimes it doesn't work very well owing to internet congestion.
  Lastly, although e-learning started for students living in the Daegu and Gyeongbuk area, I hope that it will further extend to the whole nation in the near future.

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