Let's go abroad for free!!
Let's go abroad for free!!
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  There are not many students among us who have been abroad. Sometimes, people who traveled abroad are envied by their friends. There are two reasons, however, that make overseas experience difficult for some people.
  First, there is a vague fear that comes with the first experience of a strange place. But, this fear is not at all important to a student who has a strong challenging spirit like me. Then, what is the real reason students can't get to go on an overseas experience? The second matter, of the cost of travel, could be the key. It is very hard for students who don't work full-time to save much money.
  A quick way to deal with these challenges is just to use the program in operation at our university. In our university there are many programs operating with the aims of sending students abroad, but many students don't know about the programs.  According to my research, seven or eight overseas interchange programs are being provided by the Center for International Programs (CIP). They provide good opportunities for students to go abroad without heavy financial burdens. The CIP provides not only occasional programs like 'Visiting the Zaytun Unit', '2006 Teenager World Relations Project', but also regular programs like 'Interchange Student System' and 'Short Culture Training', 'Window to the World', and 'Work & Travel'. There is an 'Overseas Sister-city Collegian Volunteering Service' program operated too.
  If students want to take advantage of these programs, they can use the opportunity to broaden their minds and extend their range of understanding through gaining experience abroad. If you want to get more information, you can visit the web site for the CIP at Yeungnam University at (http:// cip.yu.ac.kr).

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