[News in Brief]Thirteen Retire from Professorship
[News in Brief]Thirteen Retire from Professorship
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  On 31 August, a retirement ceremony for professors who had served Yeungnam University as long as an age limit was held at the Grand Hall in the International Building. In this ceremony, a total of 13 professors retired along with 1 professor who resigned voluntarily. They are Won Chul (History), Suh Jung-il (English), Oh Chang-eon (Chemistry), Kim Dae-oung (Uran Engineering), Chung Jong-hak (Preventive Medicine & Public Health), Kim Sung-kwang (Micro Biology), Seul Jung-hyun (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery), Kim Bok-jin (Biological Resources), Sung Sam-kyung (Food & Food Service Industry), Hong Woo-herm (Archaic Sino-Korean Education), Moon Jong-ok (Art & Design), Chung Un-ki (Art & Design), and Park Hae-kyoung (French)

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