[News in Brief]Chemistry Olympiad Ends in Success
[News in Brief]Chemistry Olympiad Ends in Success
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  From 2 July to 7, the 38th International Chemistry Olympiad was successfully held at Yeungnam University (YU) for the first time in this country. About 800 students and guidance teachers from 67 countries attended this Olympiad. On 5 July, the participants took xperimental tests which are designed to let students analyze chemical samples. On 7 July, theoretical tests which are designed for participants to improve the importance and familiarity of chemistry were given.
  In the individual division, Bae Hwan, the 3rd grade student of Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, from the Korean team won the first place, but in the combined division, the Chinese team was the first with 4 gold medals. In the meantime, the Korean, the Russian and the Taiwanese team won the second place together.


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