[News in Brief]YUSAE Wins at 2006 Auto Festival
[News in Brief]YUSAE Wins at 2006 Auto Festival
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  The 11th Intercollegiate Auto Festival named 2006 SAE Mini-baja KOERA was held from 13 July to 16 at Yeungnam Universty. A total of 77 teams from 65 universities across the country took part in the event. The Intercollegiate Auto Festival was first held by Yeungnam University in 1996. This festival was recognized by SAE (The Premier Society Dedicated to Advancing Mobility Engineering Worldwide). This festival was divided into 4 categories - design, stability of mini car, dynamic, and sustaining power test. The Yeungnam University team (YUSAE) won the first place with the highest points in four parts.

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