A Strong Candidate In a Tight Market
A Strong Candidate In a Tight Market
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  What kind of real life experiences have you gained during your college years? This is a critically important question in today's job market. Employers no longer base their hiring decisions on standardized criteria alone such as grade point average, English test scores, and etc.
  They now look for far more - thanks in some part to the continued slack in the job market. Are you equipped with knowledge and experience that would actually prove useful at work when hired? Are you an energetic, creative and challenge-motivated young individual who would help us grow? They are eager to pick out the best in the bunch and not to be fooled by those numbers and names on the resume.
  You are said to have a good "spec" (i.e., specification) if you have a high grade point average, high TOEIC score and some certificates. We sometimes hear stories of graduating seniors with dazzling "spec" who do very poorly in the job market. Perhaps they didn't have anything to show beyond the basic numerical information on their resume.
  This prevailing atmosphere in the job market dictates a new approach for success in job search. You need to set up a long-term strategy early on in the freshmen or sophomore year. A solid list of diverse experiences does not form in a month or two. So, the earlier, the better, and it's never too early. If you are a freshman, a few tips are in order here. Try to devote much of your time and enthusiasm to gaining colorful life experience. Expand the dimension of your human relationship as much as you can afford by actively engaging yourself in club activities as well as departmental events. During the vacation time, try to seek and identify your aptitude through part-time work, volunteer service in farming area, backpack tours, and other opportunities available in and around the campus.
  Then start your sophomore year with some serious thoughts on your major field of study. Set up a coursework plan of your own and solidify your understanding of the basic principles in your major as soon as possible. One of those things that should be high on the priority list is to improve your basic English skills. Sign up for a class at a nearby language institute or go for an overseas language program. Go on a backpack tour overseas if you can. It will reward you not only with a vibrant encounter with a new world but also with a stronger motivation to study English afterwards. Pay a visit to overseas headquarters or branch office of the company you wish to work for during the trip. The Center for International Programs at the university provides diverse international programs. Check out their web site regularly. Working for the student council of your department or college is a good idea too. It will prove to be a good opportunity to enhance your leadership and people skills.
  If you are a junior or senior, then by now you should know the importance of raising your grade point average above the bare minimum, and what certificates you would need to obtain. Keep in mind that the fewer the holders of the certificate, the more valuable it is. Also, awards won in contests and competitions count favorably when applying for jobs. A goal-oriented strategy will prepare you to be a strong job candidate.

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