Do we need U-campus?
Do we need U-campus?
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  I have been surprised again and again to see all the changes taking place in our university. Construction is visible everywhere. I finished my military service in August and came back to the university to continue my studies. I am very happy to see these new changes. But which one do you think is more important between "appearance" or "reality"? Many people say that the most important thing is the first impression. I am wondering what impression our university will give to those who visit for the first time. Our university is famous for having the largest campus in Korea. A new entrance gate has been built with a traffic light and the Central Library has been renovated and so on. Finally, the university appears to take pride in a 'U-campus' now. But I'm wondering whether we need a U-campus or not.
  I am a just ordinary student who thinks it's very expensive to go to university. Again, I'm wondering why we students should pay so high tuitions or where the university spends the money.
  If our university becomes a U-campus, they say that it will save much time for lecturing. Why do they want to try to reduce time for checking students' attendance? A typical classroom consists of 80 students and one professor. This means that mostly the professor speaks and students listen to him. I have noticed that if the number of registered students is not enough, the lecture is cancelled from the lecture list. I thought it would be better if we can have a small size class with much discussion.
  A university has to earn money like a private institute. If there are only a few students who want to take a course, it appears natural that the university should stop offering the course which does not earn money. If one class should have about 80 students, tuition fees should be drastically reduced.  When a professor checks the attendance of large numbers, she or he spends much time. In that sense, I prefer a U-campus. However, the most important thing in university education is not the electronic checking system but high quality lectures. Other things are of merely secondary importance. If our university makes every effort in improving lectures, I will do my best at my study, too.

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