How to make our cities pleasant?
How to make our cities pleasant?
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The Recommendation Prize Winner in University Division

  I was very happy to accept this award! It was a surprise for me to hear that the judges decided to give me a recommendation award. In fact, writing an essay in English was a great challenge for me. Initially, I doubted if I could do it. But I did it. It was great experience for me to write down my thoughts in English. I'll continue to study English hard to improve my writing.
  In the contest, I had to complete my essay within two hours. While I was writing the essay, my watch was ticking and time was flying away! I got very nervous. I should have managed my time better by structuring the outline properly. I felt very pressed to put as much as possible into the essay before time was up. When it was over, I thought I had to study English much harder. It was a precious experience.
Finally, I would like to express many thanks to the judges. I hope I can  participate in this contest again.

How to make our cities pleasant?

  Nowadays, our cities are congested and polluted. Take a look around for a moment. You'll notice that the city you live in is full of skyscrapers. You can see much smoke in the sky. You can only see few parks in the city. We hear the news that people are suffering from the pollution-related diseases.
  As you can see, cities are getting worse and worse. How can we make our cities better places to live? Let's see what we can do.
  First, we can reduce air pollution. There are lots of factories producing harmful smoke without filteration. In London, because of this, smog has been a big problem. All factories must have the filteration system.
  There are lots of cars on the road producing an enormous amount of air pollution. When you are in the car, just see how much grey gas is produced from the car in front of you. This is a serious problem as there are lots of cars on the roads these days. We can use cars moving by electricity or natural gas. But these kinds of cars are too expensive, so not many people are using them. As technology is developed, I'm sure some day all the cars on the roads would be environment-friendly. So, we could walk or use a bicycle. If it's a long-distance, we can use public transportation.
  Also, we shouldn't burn plastic wastes. Much harmful gas can be produced from burning garbage, especially plastics, so we should recycle garbage.
  In summer, people generate air conditioners that produce a lot of Freon gas which results in damage of ozone layer, increasing the rate of skin cancers. In winter, people generate heaters. As they generate them, lots of smoke go into air. If the weather is not too hot, we should use fans rather than turning on air conditioners. If the weather is not too cold, we can put on some more clothes to keep us warm rather than turning on heaters, or keeping the heating temperature too high.
  Second, we can reduce water pollution. Some of the factories let the harmful chemical substances out right to the river without filtration. In Japan, a group of people got sick because of the harmful chemical substances in the river. They used it as drinking water and got the disease called 'Itai Itai' which means 'It hurts' in English. In the movie 'The host', the river Han is polluted and a genetically modified monster comes out. This was because of the water pollution by Formaldehyde and lots of other stuffs. This is an extreme example, but we can't let the water polluted like this. In factories, the filteration has to be a 'MUST' operation. Also, harmful chemical substances should be gathered separately, and proper procedures must be taken before getting rid of them. In houses, when we get rid  of oily substances after cooking, we should wipe them out with tissues first and then wash them with water. In this way, we can drink water safely and cook safely.
  Third, we can reduce soil pollution. Because of the excessive use of chemical substances for fertilization, the soil is getting barren. The factories producing chemical fertilizer should change their mind. Farmers had better use natural sources for fertilization.
  Many of us use disposable cups, bowls, chopsticks, and spoons. They are very hard to decay, some of them even take 500 years. Perhaps, we can carry our own cups, bows, chopsticks, spoons with us. In this way, our environment will be much cleaner.
  Fourth, we can make more parks in the cities. Most of the natural environment left turned into shopping malls, factories or big apartment buildings. Parks are getting hard to find. The government or city councils must have some restrictions on building shopping malls, factories, or apartment buildings.
  In conclusion, we should reduce all kinds of pollution and make our cities more environment-friendly. To keep our environment clean, each individual and the government should work together. Let's hope to see the blue sky, many green trees along the road and parks in the city, but less cars on the road in the near future.

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