Election for Student Councils
Election for Student Councils
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  The Yeungnam Observer (YNO) had a series of interviews with Kim Su-jung (President-elect for University Female Student Council), Yang Seung-min (Vice-president-elect for University Female Student Council), Lee Chang-wuk (President-elect for University Student Council) and Lee Sang-min (Vice-president-elect for University Student Council) who were recently elected as the executive members of student governing bodies.

YNO: First of all, congratulations on your success in the election!  Please tell me your thoughts on the election.

Kim Su-jung: I didn't expect that I would be elected to the President of University Female Student Council. Initially, most people said that I would be elected without any difficulty because I was a sole candidate. Therefore, I myself thought so. Toward the end of election campaign, however, I thought that I might fail in this election. Up till now, I have had anxiety. I hope I can overcome many difficulties and work successfully for a year.

Yang Seung-min: At the beginning, I had some difficulties in making up my mind whether I had to enter this election or not. Once I reached my decision, there was no problem. Since I was elected, I will make my best at making University Female Student Council listen to the opinions of female students.

Lee Chang-wuk: To be frank, I think that students cast their votes to a candidate who has worked very hard. I think I did my best. I'd like to appreciate my friends for their assistance in the election campaign. So, many thanks should be given to my schoolmates who understood my deep sincerity. I will do my best.

Lee Sang-min
: Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my strong conviction that the real owners of University Student Council are students. I will try my best as Vice-president in 2007.

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