Wintering Out
Wintering Out
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  Although Iptong - the beginning of winter - went by just recently, this year we have seen unprecedented levels of unseasonably warm weather. The advent of autumn saw the fall harvest in the rice field collected and apple-picking in the orchard already almost done. In the meantime, autumnal beauty passed, unnoticed by ordinary people and without due admiration from holiday makers or tourists. Indeed, the very leaves on the trees were not as beautiful as they were last year. It has been said that the relatively long, dry autumn bleached green leaves and left them withered on trees.
  With the beginning of Soseol, the 20th of the 24 seasonal divisions, we had news of heavy snow falls deep in the mountains of the central-eastern Korean peninsula. The disastrous impact of the snow was reported to have made roads completely blocked. Fortunately, at this moment those who live in the region around Yeungnam University do not seem under imminent threat of either heavy snow or any icy-cold spell which our elders so often experienced around this time of the year.
  During this brief season of autumn, we often reflect upon the year's endeavors we launched at the beginning of the year. Our reflection sometimes becomes skeptical: "Have I accomplished this year what I planned to do?", "How have my goals chosen at the beginning of the year turned out?", "With benefits and problems arising from my efforts this year, which way do I have to take?", or "Should I smile or frown at my newly-made future?" These are frequently raised questions as we reflect during our moments of uncertainty in this transitory season.
  When we look closely at one year within our total life-span, it may seem negligible in its importance. However, when we think that our whole lifetime is nothing but a succession of stepping stones, one year to another, we can never make light of the single year because bygones will always be bygone. We know that our time suddenly past will be never retrieved. Thus, in a sense, one year at university is perhaps more precious than ten long years starting at the age of seventy because a single moment of our university days is as precious as a jewel in the crown of one's life.
  Before this year ends, students still have much to do. Final examinations are yet to be taken. Seniors should also be preparing for job tests. After examinations, some students will make up their minds as to whether they should take vacation courses. Others will decide what kind of winter vacation they want; working, taking a trip abroad, studying a foreign language, joining a voluntary service team, enjoying outdoor winter sports, or simply returning home. Whatever students decide to do during this winter vacation, we hope they do their best and stay in good health. The thing to remember is that next year's crop depends upon how they spend this winter.
  Weather reports say there will soon be heavy snow and bitterly cold days. Despite the cold, those whose hearts burn for learning and new experiences will survive any cold spell easily.
  In conclusion, from our experience well we know bitter coldness does not bite as hard as previously. However severe this winter turns out to be, we are all well aware that spring is not far away.

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