[Character Gallery] Mr. Sunny Baek
[Character Gallery] Mr. Sunny Baek
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Mr. Sunny Baek

The 54-year old runs half-course marathons. People don't see the power in his compact physique. Rising at 5:30 in the morning, he reads five different newspapers before jogging several kilometers in a gym near his work. He never neglects his energizing exercise; he enjoys every moment of his life. He is cautious in selecting food because he believes that "people are what they eat." He eats, amongst other things, tomatoes, bananas, and broccoli. He shampoos his hair with green-tea solution, hoping to revitalize it. He has a few intimate friends with whom he sometimes drinks until the early-hours of the morning. His drinking is usually followed by singing. Once he starts singing, particularly when he is in one of his delightful moods, he sings at least six songs one after the other, no matter who he is with, and no matter how many people there are to enjoy his songs. Occasionally, he spends time learning the latest songs popular among teenagers. On weekends, he goes to Buddhist temples, and prays for his only son who is attending medical school. He has his own proverbs which he often proudly tells to young people: "Don't complain about the loneliness, it is not only yours but everybody's;" "You should be the main player in your life;" "Don't chase after any woman who leaves you behind, nor turn your back on any woman who comes to you." What a fabulous life Mr. Baek, who is nearing his twilight years, is living and seeking!

by Prof. Seung K. Rhee (School of Biotechnology, YNU)

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