[Character Gallery]I will not forget you either
[Character Gallery]I will not forget you either
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I will not forget you either

It was her eyes that shocked me the first time that we met. I had never seen such clear eyes. Her eyes told me everything. She was innocent and couldn't tell a lie. She hadn't lost her dream and would surely make that dream come true.
When I became her friend, she told me of a place where normal people did not go; she had spent three days there as a child. The story was so fantastic that it was hard to believe. The people there rode cranes and everyone was happy. The smell of the air made her feel so calm. I knew it was true. Her eyes shone and there was no hesitation in her voice. She made me believe that the place was real.
After her confession about the dream, we became closer than before, and while our classmates focused on studying hard for good grades so that they could go to university, she buried herself deeper in her meditation.
Later, I heard that she had finally found the way to go there. Strangely, after having given up her desire to go, she went. After throwing out all here desires, she could be free.
It has been three years since her leaving but I still remember her and her last words to me.
"Going there doesn't mean just going there; it means that I can be delivered from worldly existence. I will not forget you."

by Hae-Gin Kim

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