[On-Campus] CCE assists Job-Hunting Students
[On-Campus] CCE assists Job-Hunting Students
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   Yeungnam University's College of Commerce & Economics (CCE) is in the limelight as increasing numbers of its students are actively taking part in programs in the school's Career Development Center.

   Last year, the CCE opened the Trial TOEIC Contest in which students can get acquainted with TOEIC by taking a trial TOEIC-examination after completing a 'Planning College Life'-class. The CCE-students have shown a thirty percent improvement in their TOEIC-scores after taking the mock tests. A New TOEIC-presentation will be given by an invited professor to explain the new test, which was formulated in June 2006. In addition to its existing programs, the college will introduce an English Interview Contest, designed to help students prepare for employment.
  With additional funding, the CCE has been able to create an atmosphere conducive to academic pursuits and to expand its facilities. A comfortable employment-study room has been established to help students in their job-seeking activities. The activation of these programs will help CCE develop its international image as a provider of English and employment assistance to its students.

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