[On - Campus]YU turns 60
[On - Campus]YU turns 60
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  The 60th-anniversary of the founding of Yeungnam University (YU) will be marked with many special events. The Campus Cultural Festival has already been held, with the participation of local residents, on March 31st. This festival featured many events including caricature-drawing, hand-printing, a mini-medical examination center, and face-painting. Also, the YU-Music Club presented a rock band, instrumental folk music, pan flute performances, dancing, cheering, and orchestral music.
  Professors and students from the School of Music will hold an opera at Daegu Opera House from May 10-12, 2007. The operatic festival for the 60th-anniversary will be led by Prof. Kyu-yung Chin, chief of the School of Music. Prof. Jang Han-up will conduct the festival, and many famous professors and musicians will participate.
  The Chunma Hanmadang Festival will begin with a ground-breaking ceremony for the 60th-Anniversary Memorial Hall, and will be followed by a firework display. Famous singers and members of YU-clubs will perform for the public during the anniversary celebrations.

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