See Your Name in Lights
See Your Name in Lights
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 This issue contains a rich selection of work. There is a wonderful moment in the piece entitled, "A Way of Fate" in which we are asked to throw off the fear of death, while we also feature ahead-of-the-curve tech-news on Space Elevators and Skywalks along with Socio-Now commentaries on Suicide, Mental-Moderners, Culture-drain, and talking-dirty on Cell-phones. High-brow brown-rice research is served up with solid advice on job-hunting, interview techniques, and preparing application-documents, while YU's 60th birthday celebrations, Daegu's 2011 date with destiny, and fast-track College Institute growth get The Yeungnam Observer treatment. Our "Letters to the Editor" section is definitely worth a read. No less than five writers comment on a popular previous cover-story which covered the YU-Overseas Volunteer Corps, while others gave us their wish-lists for future copies of The Yeungnam Observer.

 The Yeungnam Observer invites you to submit your own writing for publication. It will not matter if your English contains a few mistakes as our copy-editor will revise your contribution and make corrections where necessary.

 Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, faculty, staff, and visitors are all invited to enrich our university's literary landscape by putting pen to paper. Your thoughts and feelings; your advice and frustrations; your achievements and disappointments; and your visions and forebodings will all be seriously considered for publication.

 In this issue we are introducing a new feature, "The Character Gallery." Here, we will not be dealing with news but we'll be providing a writers' forum which will showcase the writing skills of our readers as they create word-sketches of real or imaginary characters.

 See your writing in hardcopy. Keep the magazine on your coffee table at home, frame your article and hang it up on your wall, or add your published work to your resume.

Notice : In our last issue the article, "China, the Fastest Growing Nation" carried a photograph which was not of the author Seung-Hwan Han. We would like to extend our sincere apologies to Seung-Hwan Han.

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