A Few Poems by Gyeongheo
A Few Poems by Gyeongheo
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遊隱仙洞 Rambling around Eunseundong

山與人無語 Silent are the mountains and men;
雲隨鳥共飛 Clouds chased by birds.
水流花發處 Water runs, flowers bloom:
淡淡欲忘歸 I know not when to return.

贈別 A Farewell Song

爲君賦遠遊 My heart aches when I see you off
使我涕先流 And tears well up into my eyes.
百歲如逆旋 Life is but one-night stay at an inn;
何方竟首邱 I never know where to be ever laid.
片雲生遠岫 A cloud hangs on distant mountains,
落日下長洲 Dusk creeps along the long river bank.
屈指人間事 Musing upon the affairs of human life,
悠悠摠是愁 I feel all things just loom in trouble.

偶令  Occasional Poems

斜陽空寺裡 In the deserted temple at twilight,
抱膝打閑眠 I was nodding with my knees clasped.
蕭蕭驚覺了 With a chill by the bleak wind, I awoke
霜葉滿階前 To find the courtyard with frosty leaves.

喧喧寧似默 How noises can be equal to silence!
攘攘不如眠 Babbling is no better than sleeping.
永夜空山月 I'll rest my head on the moonlight shone
光明一枕前 O'er the empty mountains at long night.

無事猶成事 Because nothing to do is my job,
掩關白日眠 I'll take a nap after latching the gate.
幽禽知我獨 As if birds on swing know my solitude,
影影過窓前 They cast their shadows on the window.
Translated by J-Y Noh

A note on the poet

Born in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, in 1849, Song Dong-uk, whose pen-name is Gyeongheo, was the second son of Song Du-ok. After the early death of his father, he became a novice at Cheonggyesa at nine. At the age of 23, he started to give lectures to the general public at Donghaksa and became enormously popular even among lay literati. Hearing once the question, "What does it mean that a cow has no nose for a ring?", put forward by a monk, he is known to have obtained sudden enlightenment at 34. Afterwards, he had made great contributions to the revival of Seon Buddhism.
After his death in 1912, his verse and prose writings were collected. In the Preface to Gyeongheojip, a collection of writings by Gyeongheo, Han Yong-un praised his writings with the following words, "Every sentence in his writings is either Seon or Law".

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