Together We'll Lead and Enrich the Future of Mankind
Together We'll Lead and Enrich the Future of Mankind
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    President Judy Genshaft, Trustees of the University of South Florida, University Faculty, December graduates of the University, ladies and gentlemen
     I am very pleased to have this opportunity to add my congratulations to those graduating this December. I am especially grateful and honored to be receiving the prestigious President's Fellow Medallion at your commencement ceremony.
    I want everyone here to know that the University of South Florida was the first campus abroad which Yeungnam University selected to promote and facilitate its ambitious global education program. Last February, Yeungnam University invited President Genshaft to explore many avenues to strengthen the partnership between our university and the University of South Florida. We also wanted to recognize her outstanding accomplishments not only in administrative, financial, and curricular reforms, but also in turning her university into one of the two fastest growing research campuses in the United States.
    I would like to call your special attention to many common attributes shared by our two universities. This year, the University of South Florida celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Next year, Yeungnam University will be marking its 60th. Both campuses were established by a group of community leaders to advance community and regional development. Together we believe that through our research, education and outreach programs we will lead and enrich the future of mankind. Because of these shared common experiences and convictions I am confident that we will be able to advance our future cooperative relationship by great stride despite its short history.
    Like the University of South Florida, Yeungnam University has invested a great deal in the field of Life Science and Technology during the past two years. This investment has a singular motive, to promote a healthier, happier and more enriching life for mankind. With this objective in mind, Yeungnam University has implemented diverse programs including study abroad for many faculty members and students. The study abroad program has another goal in mind, and that is to educate our youth and to help them become global citizens and leaders. It is my hope that this program will help our students acquire global, cosmopolitan values for mutual understanding and the promotion of peaceful lives.
    Yeungnam University has undertaken many curricular reforms as well to meet the rigorous global standards. At the same time we are expending access to scholarship money to assist outstanding students to go abroad and obtain valuable active learning experience. I do hope that the University of South Florida will continue to assist us with this program. I plan to reciprocate by offering to help their students and faculty interested in exploring opportunities at Yeungnam University.
    I have no doubt that President Genshaft can appreciate and agrees with the ideas put forth in my speech. I expect that my speech and the awarding of the President's Fellow Medallion are symbolic of our commitment to renew our two year old collaborative programs. I also extend my best wishes to all those graduates today and pray that they will become global leaders in advancing the values of peace and understanding worldwide. I also hope that I will encounter every one of you in some corner of the globe one day.
    Congratulations to you all again, and thanks to President Genshaft and the Tampa Community for this beautiful medallion and warm hospitality.
    Cheers to the great University of South Florida.

Dong-Ki Woo, Ph.D.
President, Yeungnam University

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