Mask-Wearing Differences between East and West
Mask-Wearing Differences between East and West
  • Wee Jeong-je
  • 승인 2021.02.16 10:24
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  Recently, there have been demonstrations against wearing masks in the United States and Europe. It was a protest insisting that the government could not force them to wear masks as they claimed it violated their personal freedom. On the other hand, Korea and Asian countries are wearing masks with relatively little resistance.

  What makes this difference? There may be many reasons, but I think it is a historical difference. It has not been long since a democratic system was introduced in Korea and other Asian countries. However, the United States and Europe have a long history of democracy, including the Civil Revolution, the War of Independence, the Glorious Revolution, and many important historical events. I think the difference between the method and the period of adopting democracy has created a difference in the perception of individual freedom. I think that is why the difference in opinion about wearing masks exists.

  Studies show that wearing masks plays a significant role in lowering the infectiousness of COVID-19. I think it is necessary to wear a proper mask and follow quarantine.

  Guidelines to speed up the end of COVID-19, which has taken away our normal daily lives.

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