Poor Postpartum Caretaker Education and Management
Poor Postpartum Caretaker Education and Management
  • Jo Ye-bin
  • 승인 2021.02.16 10:21
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  Last month, a postpartum caretaker abused a newborn in Daejeon. The reason for the abuse is that the baby did not sleep. This is not the first time a postpartum caretaker has abused a baby. Last October, a postpartum caretaker abused a baby by throwing, grabbing, and shaking his body in Gwangju.

  Why does this happen? I think the biggest reason is an insufficient qualification and lack of management and supervision. The government has supported the maternal, neonatal health care service since 2006. According to the current system, if you complete only 60 hours of training, you can qualify as a postpartum caretaker. This is functional education like diaper folding and postpartum massage without education for the prevention of abuse. Also, there is no system to properly manage and supervise postpartum caregivers, and even if problems arise, the qualification of postpartum caregivers cannot be restricted.

  These problems were caused by the government's emphasis on expanding services as part of its low birth rate measures. So we should solve these problems. First, we must change the postpartum caretaker qualification. Child abuse education, written tests, and practical courses should be added. Also, management is needed, such as regular supervision and testing.

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