Single Truth Does Not Exist
Single Truth Does Not Exist
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2021.02.16 10:19
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  A trial on the murder of a samurai was held. Each of the robber, the samurai’s wife, and the soul of the samurai said that the murderer was ‘me.’. Which story do you think is true in this situation? Rashomon, released in 1950, tells different testimonies about the same murder case. As it shows us each observer’s viewpoint, we can continuously doubt the truth of the samurai’s death. In this way, it helps us to think about the nature of truth. The movie wants to talk about various aspects of the truth. There cannot be only a single truth. The truth is like looking at cross-sections of an object. In other words, the truth can be changed depending on the side you look at. If a blind person touches an elephant’s trunk for the first time, he may believe that what he touched is a snake, not an elephant trunk. For him, that is the truth. The truth is not only fixed but also moving. Truth changes according to points of view. Therefore, we need to accept the truth as a various range of viewpoints.

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