The Coronavirus Is Not Just Taking Away Our Health
The Coronavirus Is Not Just Taking Away Our Health
  • Jang Seon-beom
  • 승인 2021.02.16 10:18
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  Damage from COVID-19 has continued from early this year. Among those affected most, small business owners who operate multi-use facilities have suffered significant economic damages due to limited operations. As COVID-19 increases, social distancing levels are upgraded, which leads to small business owners being restricted from doing business. These serious damages are caused by individuals who fail to comply with quarantine guidelines. I do not think small business owners can control this.

  Recognizing the economic strain of small business owners, the government is offering financial help, including the payment of subsidies and the postponement of loan deadlines. However, the government’s policy is temporary. We should make an effort to stop causing damages and return to normal life. To do so, we all should follow the government’s quarantine guidelines not only to protect individuals’ health but also to reduce the damage to small business owners that lead to economic damage throughout society. Abandoning the idea that at least I will be okay, we should work together for all of us to follow the quarantine guidelines until the end of the Coronavirus.

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