Showing-off Happiness on SNS, Is It Real Happiness?
Showing-off Happiness on SNS, Is It Real Happiness?
  • Jung Yu-jin
  • 승인 2020.09.15 13:10
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  Do you have an SNS account? If so, why? With the development of information and communication technology, it is now an era in which men and women of all ages have become accustomed to SNS. However, as more and more people started posting their information on social media and started creating personal channels, more and more people posted provocative or false information to gain attention.

  When you look at SNS, you compare your happiness with other people’s happiness. You also post pictures whenever you eat fancy food or go to fancy places to look happy. Teenagers who buy expensive items to show off on SNS are also increasing, and other students who see them feel relative deprivation. This situation is a vicious cycle and eventually has a negative impact on society. A study conducted on actual SNS users found that the more you do SNS, the less happy you feel, and the more tired you feel.

  A few days ago, a YouTuber was caught broadcasting false information. It was just an act of getting people’s attention, but this has cost only innocent franchises. In China, you can also see people hanging from or sitting on steep cliffs at risk to take pictures. Like this, it is easy to find people who do more than we imagine to attract people’s attention to their social media.

  However, it is not just a matter for the person showing it. Viewers take it for granted that YouTubers and Instagram stars post things to attract attention and sometimes encourage them to shoot more provocative content, which also needs to be taken seriously. The public is hiding behind the mask of anonymity, while the one who posts is public. Using these features of the Internet badly, the Internet order is being disrupted. The public should not abuse anonymity but have the right perception to create healthy Internet culture.

  True happiness is not meant to be shown to others, and there is no need to compare one’s happiness with others by looking at SNS. Comparing yourself with others by looking at the photos posted on SNS is like comparing other people’s highlight scenes with your background scenes. Rather than being conscious of others’ eyes, it is essential to have an attitude of focusing on and enjoying your life. SNS is an excellent tool to share happy memories with acquaintances, but this can sometimes lead to deprivation and inferiority. If you’re spending a lot of time on SNS, why don’t you leave it aside for a while and focus on real life?

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