Thailand: A Land of Nature and History
Thailand: A Land of Nature and History
  • Kang Sin-hyung
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 We have all heard about Thailand. Thailand is known as the country of smiles, and lots of Buddhist architecture. The foods of Thailand are also famous, such as TomYumGoong, a Thai style soup; Khao Phat, a kind of fried rice; and Phat Thai, Thai-style stir-fried noodles. Likewise, Thailand has many features that the country represents. Now, we want to find out how the lives of people in Thailand have been organized.


 Thailand is located in the Indochina Peninsula, and most of this area has a tropical monsoon climate. A tropical monsoon climate normally has two seasons, dry and rainy. The seasonal character of Thailand fits with its agriculture, so their staple foods are mainly rice based. Their foods have high levels of sodium because of the long dry season that causes people sweat.


 Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized. In the 19th century, countries in Europe colonized many nations in the Indochina Peninsula, and Thailand faced the crisis of being colonized. But although Thailand lost some territories, they saved their country because the king of those days governed wisely. Their agricultural development and not having any national sorrow made their citizens very easygoing and optimistic, so that’s why they got their nickname ‘the country of smiles.’


 Thai has a place that represents the other history of Thailand. Thailand is famous of many travel spots. Many people travel to Thailand because there are so many attractions. Among them, Muang Boran, which means ‘ancient city’ in Thai, is the biggest outdoor museum in the world. There are over 100 spots like palaces, temples, farms, and floating markets that show traditional customs and villages of Thailand. Tourists can find many places and structures connected to the history of Thailand. If you want to see the historical remains of Thailand, it is good to visit Muang Boran.

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