Exciting Night in Seomun Night Market
Exciting Night in Seomun Night Market
  • Lim Hyo-been
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Photo by reporter Lim Hyo-been<br>
Photo by reporter Lim Hyo-been


Seomun market is the most famous market in Daegu. It has been in operation since the 17th century, the mid-Joseon Dynasty. It advanced gradually and made a name for itself as a center of distribution as one of the three markets of Joseon. It kept its position during the Japanese colonial
era and it rapidly rose to increasing fame with the fabric and textile
industry. But Seomun market sales took a downturn when department stores and hypermarkets were built. After the 21st century, however, it has continued to grow with the charms of a traditional market.


 Seomun market is extensive, but it is conveniently divided into sections: Section 1, Section 2, Section 4, Section 5. In total, there are three distinct shopping areas with about 4000 stores. Section 1 is famous for fabric, and Section 2 has good restaurants that serve dishes like noodle soup and braised short ribs. Each section also sells different textiles, clothes, and accessories.


 After 7 p.m., each zone is closed and the ‘Seomun night market’ starts. We can see many food stalls in a row. Seomun night market started in 2016, and it runs all year round, except for the first and third Sunday of every month. Seomun market has various foods and attractions. Stir-fried beef tripe, steak, and grilled cheese scallops are the most popular foods. There are delicious and creative foods that can only be experienced at Seomun night market. Other foods include pork belly, fried blue crab, and ice cream. People can buy hand-made candles or natural soap. Every night, there are also multiple types of performances to enjoy along with the delicious foods. There dance and singing performances, and we can also see musicians busking.


 We can enjoy Seomun market’s charming diversity from morning to night.

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