The Future of Daegu’s Culture: The Daegu Arts Center
The Future of Daegu’s Culture: The Daegu Arts Center
  • Kang Sin-hyung
  • 승인 2019.10.10 19:32
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Enjoy Daegu Art Galleries in Daegu


(Photo by reporter Kang Sin-hyung)
(Photo by reporter Kang Sin-hyung)


 Many people may know this building – the Daegu Arts Center. The DAC has a special history, as it was the first cultural infrastructure in Daegu. Since 1990, many buildings were constructed regarding art, music, and performance, and they have organized DAC. In the beginning of the 2000s, an opera house, a concert house, and an art gallery were built in Daegu. Since then, major operas, classical music performances, and art exhibitions have been there.

 The features of the DAC are complex. There are many buildings in the DAC, and each building is utilized differently. For example, Palgong Hall, one of the DAC’s buildings, is specialized for music, like musicals or concerts. The exhibition hall is literally used for art exhibitions. The DAC also lets people rent out or borrow the exhibition hall to display their works.

 The next is the Photo Biennale, an event showing spectators various photos once every two years. It has been going since 2006, and many countries have participated in this Biennale. It will be held this year from 18 September ,2020 to 27 October, 2020, and many photographers, both local and international, are taking part in it.

 The exhibition hall looks massive. There are two galleries in the hall, one on the first floor with five rooms, the other on the second floor with eight rooms. We saw two exhibitions: the calligraphy of Seo Byeong-o on the first floor, and conventional and modern arts on the second floor. Seo Byeong-o is the most representative modern calligrapher, so we could see works from conventional to modern.

 There are many exhibition plans for the DAC in September because it allows anyone who wants to display their work to be able to do so in the exhibition hall. Therefore, the exhibitors vary from private persons to groups. A retrospective of Kwon Jung-ho is showing from 16 August, 2019 to 21 September, 2019, and a private exhibition of Jo Seung-hyung was shown from 03 September, 2019 to 08 September, 2019. The art exhibition of Daegu is from 23 September, 2019 to 28 September 2019, etc.

 Choi Hyun-mook, director of the Daegu Arts Center, said that “The slogan of the DAC is the center, and future of the culture of Daegu, and we want to pursue a wide acceptance, the regionalism of the culture of Daegu.” He added, “I want many students to participate in it.” The Daegu Arts Center is open to everyone. If you are interested in art, concerts, or musicals, we recommend going to the DAC!

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