Go to Mt. Baekdu: A Mecca of Mystery
Go to Mt. Baekdu: A Mecca of Mystery
  • Lee Min-ook
  • 승인 2019.10.10 19:19
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Have you ever heard of Mt. Baekdu? The mountain, called Mt. Baekdu by its Korean name and Mt. Jangbaek by its Chinese name, is the highest mountain in the Korean Peninsula and has a huge volcano. I’d like to tell you about Mt. Baekdu, Cheonji pond, and Biryong Falls.

 Mt. Baekdu is located on the border between Samjiyon County in Yanggang Province and Jilin Province in China. South Korea measured it at 2,744 meters and North Korea at 2,750 meters and China at 2,749 meters. Mt. Baekdu is still an active volcano.

 The way to get to Cheonji pond is to go up to a certain height by public transportation, and then transfer to a small car and go up to Cheonji pond. Cheonji pond is very difficult to see. Fortunately, when I went to Cheonji pond, the weather was clear, so I could enjoy it. In winter, the area around the Cheonji pond is covered with snow, and in summer, it looks white on account of the white stones. As it was clear, we could see the peak on the North Korean side. When I got there, there were a lot of people selling things. I looked around Cheonji pond and saw Biryong Falls on my way back down. Biryong Falls is also called Jangbaek Falls, though there was not much water. The rapid current caused by the steep incline makes it look like a bridge rising into the sky from a distance, so it’s called Seonsaha. Unlike other waterfalls, Biryong Falls is famous for its nonfreezing water even in winter. Near the location of Biryong Falls, you can visit a souvenir shop and enjoy Virtual Reality. This VR makes you feel as if you were traveling in a hot air balloon. The VR is available in three languages – Korean, Chinese, and English, so you can enjoy watching the entire view of Mt. Baekdu including Biryong Falls and Cheonji pond in a hot air balloon. Why don’t you travel to Mt. Baekdu and get a fresh perspective!

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