Finding the Hidden Treasures in Shanghai
Finding the Hidden Treasures in Shanghai
  • Ra Yun-seo
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Nanjing Dongru is a busy street that rivals waitan, the center of Shanghai tourism. The eastern road to the Huangpu River, based on the intersection where it meets Xizang Zhonglu, is called Nanjing Shiru, and the western road to Jingansu. Therefore, this walking course has become a well-known and must-visit site for many travelers. Nanjing Dongru is a busy street like Myeong-dong in Korea. There are many different kinds of shopping and sightseeing places. It is also particularly famous for its beautiful night view. As you walk in the direction of waitan from Nanjing Dongru station, you can see I Love Shanghai, a famous photo spot in Shanghai.

 The Shanghai Museum is the largest museum in Shanghai with more than 120,000 precious art and artifacts, including historical works from the ancient Chinese civilization. The collection is usually displayed by era, but the Shanghai Museum here uniquely divides the artifacts into themes. In particular, the museum is famous for its picture, sculpture, bronze ware, ceramics, and paintings. It takes at least a day to tour the collection, which spans four floors, so if you don't have enough time, you should focus on the four exhibition halls

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